Women Discuss Whether They Have Good Or Bad Dick Karma

Dick karma is a particular type of charismatic karma that women have for attracting dicks by their sizes, specifically whether they fall into the large or small penis categories.  So, you might hear a group of women chatting casually about their personal dick karma experience and whether they tend to have good or bad dick karma.  Good dick karma means that the women have had good luck in finding men with the desirable large penis, whereas bad dick karma means that the women have had bad luck in finding men with the dreaded small penis.  It seems to fall under the unwritten Law of Attraction that there isn’t anything women can do about who they seem to attract as far as penis size.  But what women can do is be more proactive about who they pursue and also to be choosier in not pursuing men who might have a small penis.  There are definite small penis signs women should be on the lookout for.  Women also chat about and share those telltale small penis signs with one another as if it’s Small Penis Sex Prevention. There are two basic categories for men who have a small penis:  1. Men who lack confidence and who are somewhat shy…  2. Men who try to assume a completely different cocky persona to overcompensate for their Napoleonic small penis…   In any case, the best way for women to avoid men with a small penis, whatever their personality type, is to do a visual or manual inspection!   Inspections rule out a small penis immediately!

- Guest Writer Sara

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