Girls Laugh And Ask How He Can Actually Jerk His Tiny Penis

When Laura’s package gets delivered it is the wrong one as she ordered a different vibrator from the mail order company. The delivery driver says it’s not his fault but boasts that he has something larger in his trousers which might help her out. The girls don’t believe him and order him to let them see but when they strip him off all they find is a tiny excuse for a penis. “Can you actually stroke that thing?” asks Laura laughing at him. The two ladies have a go and only use two fingers to stroke his small cock. They tell him he is pretty pathetic and would never be able to give them an orgasm with that small thing. Laura places the dildo next to his penis and they laugh hysterically at how little the willy is compared to the dildo. The women continue stroking his penis and as they giggle and tease him they position him over the package and make him cum into it as a “present” for the company for sending the wrong items.

Guys with tiny cocks should keep them in their trousers and well hidden – because if our ladies see your cock and it’s not huge you are in for a rough time. They will humiliate you, laugh at you and tell you about all the bigger men they have fucked to make you feel inadequate. If you’re a small penis wanker who would like this then head over to Hey Little Dick for more movies like this one.

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