Want The Girls To Humiliate You?

This is your opportunity to have the gorgeous English girls of the Hey Little Dick website humiliating your penis for real. The Sad Cock blog has teamed up with the market-leading small cock website, Hey Little Dick, to give people the chance to send in pictures of their cocks and have these beautiful girls laugh and humiliate them!

It seems Hey Little Dick gets loads of guys wanting to appear in their scenes (who wouldn’t want to be humiliated and wanked by these lovelies!) but a lot of them want to keep their faces concealed, meaning they can’t be included on the site.

So we have teamed up with Hey Little Dick to give our readers this unique chance . . all it costs is $100 and you can have your very own 5 minute video of these gorgeous girls looking at pictures of your cock and humiliating / teasing you about your lack of size. They can even say “Paul from Vancouver” if you want to personalize it even more! Just imagine some of the beautiful Hey Little Dick girls calling your name out and staring at a picture of your cock while they laugh and tease you about your size. For just $100 you get a 5-minute video all about your cock – you get a copy of this video for yourself as well as the fact it will be featured on this blog for even more women to see and laugh at!

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, just e-mail a picture of your cock to info@sadcock.com along with your name and general location (i.e. “Paul from Vancouver”) and we will talk you through the payment methods and then arrange to get the girls in the studio. The only thing we don’t allow is big cocks – lol!
So come on e-mail us now . . the girls are waiting to laugh at your pathetic cock!

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